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Monday, 13 March 2017

Electric Guitar Accessory Pack with Gig Bag, Stand, Strap, Cable, Lesson, Pick Holder, Tuner, Cloth and Picks

No need to shop for guitar accessories as they're all included in this exceptional value added package.

Features -

  • Chromacast Padded Gig Bag, Guitar Stand and Clip-on Tuner.
  • Chromacast Guitar Strap and ChromaCast Pro Series 10ft Cable.
  • Dunlop Pick Holder and Chromacast 12-Pick Sampler.
  • Online Lesson.
  • GoDpsMusic Polish Cloth.


1) Multi gift. Accessories. Pack - The people at godps. are. Awesome the. Staff is. So. Helpful every purchase has a personal touch their always willing to go. That extra mile. For. Their. Customers. Not. To. Mention the. Free. Seminars. On. Their. Web sites. From. Time. To time thanks. Again amazon and. That. You. So. Much. Godps

By Joseph. Star on May 13, 2014

2) Great Starter - This set came with everything to get you started, the CD was easy to fallow and the accessories are of great quality. The guitar bag however, felt like the straps wanted to tear when I put it on full, but didn't see where it might have teared.

on March 20, 2013

Friday, 19 June 2015

Best Service Chris Hein Horns Complete 1-4 Bundle.

Usually key-switches just switch between different fixed articulations or other pre-programmed sound varietes. In CHH Vol1 the keyswitches are used to switch between complex sets of presets with 21 adjustable parameters. 18 Key-Switch presets are available. The KS-Presets are allocated to C0 - F1, in the lower area of your keyboard. The keyswitch is pressed prior to playing any actual instrument notes. The switchover occurs instantly without any time lag. Pressing a key between C0 and F1 on your keyboard has the same effect as turning the KS-Preset knob in the GUI. You can also assign the KS-Presets to any midi controller in the CC-Settings page. The selected articulation is displayed on the left side of the GUI. All parameters on the settings page,except Vib. Vol, Vib.Tune, Crescendo-Speed and Glide-Speed are adjustable parameters which are stored in the KS-Presets. If you make changes to any of these parameters, they are automatically stored in the KS-Preset. To save the KS-Presets permanently, simply save the whole instrument. Best Service Chris Hein Horns Complete 1-4 System Requirements: -300 MB free disc space for player installation -additional hard disc space according to the library size -DVD drive -PC -Pentium or Athlon 1.4 GHz -Windows XP or Windows Vista -Mac -G4 1.4 GHz or Intel Core Duo 1.66 GHz -OS 10.4.x Product activation: An internet connection on any computer is required to authorize / activate the product. NI Kontakt Player 3 is included in this product. Native Instruments only provides Registration/Activation support for Kontakt Player products. Technical support is managed by the manufacturer of the respective products/libraries.

Features -

  • With 54 extremly detailed solo instruments and 32 sections, Best Service Chris Hein Horns Complete 1-4 is the largest available Brass- & Woodwind library for Jazz, Pop, Funk & Big-Band. With its large sections and high dynamic sound, CHH also works great to spice up your orchestral productions. For an extremly low bundle price for CHH Complete you get approximately 80,000 samples and 44 GB of content.
  • Best Service Chris Hein Horns Complete 1-4 contains different groups of instruments perfectly matching each other. All instruments follow the same concept, so, if you know one, you know them all. Each volume contains solo-instruments as well as section combinations.
  • aprox. 2.000 Samples per instrument.
  • 18 different playing techniques.
  • 72 control-features in 11 edit-pages.


1) A great plugin. - Wow! This is the best horns plugin I've ever heard. Good amount of editable articulations. I'm satisfied. My logic pro x studio feels complete now.

By Sylvester President on March 2, 2015

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Buffet Crampon Model 3613G Green Line Oboe

Key of C. Full conservatory system, 3rd octave key, silver-plated, and adjustable thumb rest. Includes deluxe leather pochette case.GreenLine instruments are made with wood that is recovered and recycled in the manufacturing process using a proprietary technology developed by Buffet. The resulting wood composition is resistant to temperature and humidity changes.

Features - 

  • GreenLine instruments are made with wood that is recovered and recycled in the manufacturing process.
  • The resulting wood composition is resistant to temperature and humidity changes.
  • 3 year limited warranty.


1) Beautiful sound and easy response. - Great intermediate to professional oboe! Wonderful singing sound and composite material makes for no fear of cracking!

By Luna M. on May 9, 2015

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Hallelu HFL-200 Flute W/case Nickel Plated Keys 1 Year Warranty

Teacher recommended!! The Hallelu HFL-200 student flute is one of the most free blowing and easy to play student instruments available. Each Hallelu HFL-200 student flute lives up to the highest standard associated with the Hallelu name.Each instrument comes with a full 30 day "unconditional" money back guarantee. and 1 year warranty.

Features -

  • nickel plated key /C-Foot.
  • Plateau (Closed Hole) /Offset G.
  • Perfect-seal test for quality assurance.
  • Italian Pisoni Double Skin pads for clear sound.
  • Case / Pro Care Products.


1) Hallelu Music and Leo - We received this flute within 7 - 10 days of ordering it. My daughter who is 10 loves it and we were very happy with the quality of the flute. One of the keys were not playing correctly after 7 months and I contacted them and they immediately responded back to me to send it to them. Once they received it, they fixed it immediately. Leo even called me to let me know it had been fixed and he was mailing it back to me. I would highly recommend this flute and any purchase from Hallelu Music. There is no doubt in my mind that I would recommend them to everyone I know.

By Stacey A. Torrieri on May 25, 2010

2) Good fulte that makes financial sense. - Your school music instructor will invariably tell you to rent a "higher quality" instrument rather than buying a "cheap" instrument.

But IMHO that is terrible advice for a number of reasons:

1) First and foremost, this is a solidly built, quality instrument. It plays well and while it may not compare to a $700 Yamaha, it is much more than sufficient for the beginner to intermediate player. So don't believe the bias that "all reasonably priced instruments" are "cheap", because this one is NOT. (Again, not an expert, just my opinion).

2) The average rental of a $300 Yamaha beginner flute is approx $30/month. The average interest a beginner shows in playing the flute is about 9 months (one school year). After 3 to 4 months, this flute is PAID for and will still be of sufficient quality for another several years until the student is of a more intermediate skill level (perhaps even longer...who knows?).

3) If you rent a $300 flute and your kid sits on it, reenacts Starwars light saber fights, etc, then you just bought a $300 used rental (at full price)... and it probably is not reparable should those type of severe "accidents" occur. Kids are prone to use Flutes in all sorts of ways that are detrimental to the wallet of the person responsible for the rental. If your kid trashes this one, you're out about $120 and can still buy another NEW one and even then, you're STILL below the replacement cost of that rental.

4) Lets face it. The instrument quality is not the issue for a beginner. Unless your child is a prodigy, this instrument will not be the weak link in the child's playing:
The child's skill level will be.
Which is all the more reason to buy a flute that is skill level appropriate (and IMHO the flute is far beyond a beginner's skill level for at least the first 2 or 3 years. After that, you suck it up and buy the child a new flute proportionate to their VERIFIED commitment.

5) If you have multiple children, when/if one loses interest, you own the instrument for use by the next child... or foryour use should you ever get the urge. The convenience of having it at arms reach may be the difference between a child going back to it, a new child picking it up, or the parent fulfilling that age old desire to learn an instrument. A good rental will get returned when the interest fades (usually after 9 months at $30/month, with a total cost of $270) and then good luck ever playing it again when the mood strikes... you get the idea.

6) Based on the reviews of this particular flute, the seller seems to make a great effort in resolving any issues promptly and professionally. That was the clincher for me and although I never had an issue (arrived promptly and in perfect working condition), it is is good to know there is someone who takes pride in their products that is just an email away.

So that's my take on the whole rent vs. own thing. I hope this helps other in deciding what to do.

PS(Just want to be clear that I have no association with the seller, beyond that of being a satisfied customer).

By Fresno on December 5, 2012

Amanda Marshall

Amanda Marshall

Amanda Marshall

Amanda Marshall

"By Amanda Marshall. For Guitar, Piano/Keyboard, Vocal. Piano/Vocal/Guitar Artist Songbook. Pop Rock and Adult Contemporary. Difficulty: medium. Songbook. Vocal melody, piano accompaniment, lyrics, chord names, guitar chord diagrams and black & white photos. 64 pages. Published by Hal Leonard "

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